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          Craftswoman Jewelry Designer  


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Kirumakata is the brand and project by Alessandra Gardin. Architect & designer-artisan based in Venice, I have been involved in the glass design industry for many years. In 2013 I fell in love with the lampwork technique and with all the Murano glass beads, thus I started my training as "perlera", attending courses held by masters in Murano. With my jewellery creations, born from a passion for design and craftsmanship, I try to convey the beauty of this ancient millenary art, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2020, adding a contemporary touch with new shapes and combinations of colours and media. I find inspiration for my creations in the natural world, where wonderfully imperfect shapes are the hub of primordial emotions.

I like to think of my jewels as emotional objects, capable of triggering strong energies through the materials and the creative shapes, all handcrafted with care and impossible to reproduce identically, characteristic that makes each jewel unique.

Glass, a material that is transformed into sinuous and soft shapes with the heat and high temperatures, is the perfect material to transmit ancestral sensations of surfaces carved out by and through time, making each Kirumakata pearl a micro-sculpture to wear.

I also like to work the parts in brass or silver, with a hammer and pliers I obtain the shapes that are most suitable to obtain the supports for the necklaces and rings, inspired by the mobile structures of American sculptor Alexander Calder.

For more structured metal works, I availa myself of the precious help of the goldsmith workshop Art & Oro, which assists me for the most demanding creations, such as the lost wax technique for the supports of the rings that I design and for the closures with the Kirumakata brand that I insert in some necklaces. 

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